Despre mine

I am Kathryn Ana and I was born and raised in Alabama, in the southern region of the United States. Though I completed a Bachelor’s degree in Human Development & Family Studies and a Master’s degree in Social Work, my entire professional career has been in an educational setting. Just before moving to Romania last year, I was managing a program that prepared first-generation high school students to be successful in transitioning both academically and socially to the university setting.

I am deeply motivated by the curiosity of our youth and their resolve to take hold of life head-on. As I, too, am learning a new language and how to integrate into a new culture, I am empathetic to the frustrations as well as the joys our students will meet while learning English. It is my hope that my students feel supported, encouraged and empowered not only in their successes but their challenges as well. In my classroom, students will engage in experiences to build skills that will result in both courage and a confident mastery of the English language.

Learning is not confined to only what is taught in a classroom setting. Although each child will undoubtedly learn to be better English scholars, it is my desire that during their time in my classroom they are also exposed to what it means to be better humans and members of our society.